Tax law

With a team of professional lawyers, have in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of tax consulting, financial …, our law firm offering advisory services on tax legislation in order to meet needs of individuals and businesses.

Tax law consultancy is one of the legal advice service is our law firm attaches special importance to development. With the experienced lawyers we are ready to advise, answer questions and perform all the requirements of customers in the field of taxation. All the legal issues in the field of taxation that customers encounter in doing business please contact directly with the attorney through the 0123 456 789 for advice, direct assistance or to request We provision of legal services in this activity:


Scope of legal advisory services revenues including:

1. Tax Counseling for individuals:

+ Advice on tax payers; income taxes; tax-exempt income; tax reduction and tax bases of personal income as well as the procedures for registration tax code;

+ For registered individuals tax and the tax code. In individual cases or tax refund in case of family allowances, company lawyers will personally guide the procedures prescribed by law to ensure benefits for individuals.

2. Tax Counseling for enterprises:

+ Corporate income tax related to most of the business activities. Current lack of guidance by so many businesses do not know how processing in the calculation, add up the cost of production and business processes to meet the requirements prescribed by the tax.

When established businesses:

+ Consulting registration tax code;

+ Consulting tax declarations;

+ Consulting tax payment procedures;

+ Consultation procedures Value added tax refund;

+ Consulting tax settlement, counseling financial reporting;

+ Consulting exemptions procedures;

+ Consult the regulations on the use of invoices and vouchers;

+ Consulting complaints and denunciations in the field of taxation;

+ Consulting handling violations in the field of taxation;

+ Guide self-assessment, self assessment and self-payment of taxes to the business owners.

In the process works: When the business will suffer from the difficulty of paying taxes on time as well as the process of making laws, the service declaration represents the Company’s tax payment will help businesses solve these problems:

+ Consulting complete tax records in accordance with law;

+ Rep tax filing Tax Department in direct management;

+ Provide accounting in accordance with the needs of the enterprise;

+ Representative to work with the tax office relating to tax obligations of the enterprise.

In the case of organizations, corporate restructuring: (Including type of enterprise transformation; divided enterprise business separation, merger, consolidation or business; selling enterprise business moved under a single enterprise up or vice versa; suspension of operation), lawyers and employees of the company consultants will guide enterprises to declare the registration procedures of taxation for the tax office in accordance with procedures and statutory deadline .

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