Labour Law

A. Modes of advice:

+ Lawyers legal advice on direct tax and legal services performed in the office (The fee is 250,000 direct counseling / h consultants on administrative time and VND300,000 / h in school counseling consulting lawyers outside office hours, 7 minutes, Sunday)

+ Consulting telephone: PABX Through legal advice online via switchboard 0123 456 789 (Customer contact phone number 0123 456 789 lawyers to connect with counsel.

+ Consulting via email using contact form on our mailbox Law.


B. Content advisory:

Advice on labor contracts

+ Advice on contracting age workers; Consultations on the labor contract form;

+ Consulting for the content of labor contracts;

+ Advice on probation;

+ Advice on training compensation costs when unilaterally terminate the labor contract is unlawful;

+ Advice on temporary suspension of labor contracts;

+ Advice on gross terminate labor contracts;

+ Advice on unilateral termination of labor contracts;

+ Consultation on compensation for damage caused to unilaterally terminate the labor contract is unlawful;

Advice on salary

+ Advice on payroll forms;

+ Advice on salaries in the event of work stoppage

+ Advice on salary allowances, bonuses, salary increase mode for employees;

+ Advice on salary advances to employees.

Discipline and material compensation

+ Advice on labor discipline;

+ Advice on procedures for labor discipline;

+ Advice on Order and procedures for handling the compensation for damage;

Hotline 24/7: 1900 7179