Karaoke fire killed 13 people: Responsibility belongs to whom?

The fire that took place in Tran Thai Tong, Hanoi, causing great damage to people and property. Should clearly define the responsibility belongs to strictly handled in accordance with law.

As newspapers reflected the messenger, the fire occurred at around 13h45 on the day 1/11. Unexpected large fire broke out at Tran Thai Tong (Cau Giay district, Hanoi). It is home to many restaurants, hotels, karaoke. Caused many fires burning signboards then quickly spread to the neighboring houses.


After 7 hours of fighting, the force detection function 13 deaths, this number keeps on increasing. Facade 4 of 8 floors high house burnt down completely, many motorcycles and cars damaged.

Share with Reporter newspaper messenger, some people living nearby to share, slightly more than 1 pm 1/11, with a top billboard worker is welding the KTV karaoke bar 68 Tran Thai Tong.

According to these people that probably in the process of working with negligence fire should occur. But sources also said that the cause of the fire was due to short-circuiting.

Answer at the scene, Mr Luong Cao Thanh – Chairman of Cau Giay said burnt karaoke business is not eligible under the law, no fire permit. District forces have repeatedly function tests and customary closing requirements, but the owners are still trying business.


On a serious fire caused extensive damage to property and lives, the authorities should promptly investigate the cause of fire clarification to determine the responsibility belongs to everyone (?).

Reporter newspaper messenger exchanged with lawyers Ta Quoc Cuong, the Bar Association of Hanoi to have the answer.

According to Cuong lawyer: “First of all, we have to wait for formal notification of the authorities of the cause fires. From the scene, it was reported that the fire occurred due to negligence during welding billboards, if so, the direct soldering workers will be subject to criminal liability for “Breaching regulations fire prevention and fighting “(Article 240 of the Penal Code).

In addition, the offender shall be responsible for compensation for damage caused in accordance with the law. If the sauce is hiring welders, the owner of construction (if any) must have joint liability for civil compensation did not apply protectionist measures and ensure safety in the process, causing employers serious.

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