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Legal counsel of land, housing?

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1. Advise on contract forms:

– How to set up home sales contracts to ensure compliance with regulations, the complete contents of a contract should have house purchase;

– Consult finalize the contract, the contract is not guaranteed to be disabled;

2. Consult the rights and obligations of the parties:

2.1 The rights and obligations of the sellers of housing:

– The provisions on transferring the house and asked the buyers to receive home;

– The provisions on the money and shipping methods to ensure the quantity of money and avoid risks;

– Consultation procedures and legalization purchase housing on time and due process of law;

– Advising on measures to ensure the payment obligations of the purchaser.

– The issue of ownership restrictions on home purchases;

– The provisions on preserving home sold in less over the house;

– The provisions on procedures for handover and purchase records;

– The house purchase procedures prescribed by law.

2.1 The rights and obligations of the buyer of the house:

– Consulting to request the seller how the handover of documents and records on time;

– Consult a mortgage payment formula to ensure the safety and adequate;

– Consultation methods of cooperation with the seller to complete the title transfer procedures;

3. Construction Consulting contents of the contract

– Consult the contents to be shown in the contract;

– Consult the payment method and perform the duties assigned:

– Consult the time of payment and time of delivery;

– Construction Consultancy rights and obligations of the parties in the contract;

– Consult the regulations on the responsibilities of the breach of contract;

– Consult the contract invalidated case;

– Consulting breach of contract penalties as appropriate;

– Construction consultancy Addendum;

4. Advice to modify the content of the contract, termination, cancellation of the contract:

– Consult with the provisions of the amended law on the content of contracts;

– Advising how to modify the content contract, in the absence of witnesses, witnesses and in case the contract is notarized or authenticated.

– Consult the case is terminated, canceled the contract in accordance with law;

– Consultation methods termination or cancellation of the contract to ensure the maximum benefit to the parties;

5. Advice to sue to protect the interests of the parties in contractual relations:

– Consult the form of lawsuits to protect their interests;

– Consulting to write a petition and lawsuit procedure guide;

– Representatives make a complaint, to protect the interests of clients before the competent authority;

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