Family Law

The more developed society, the civil transactions become more vibrant, diverse, complex and potentially simultaneous risks, many disputes arise. To eliminate the hassle, comply with obligations and protect their legitimate rights and interests of the parties to the transaction must have an idea about the provisions of the relevant law in general, in particular for civil transactions.


Our law firm with extensive legal knowledge, rich experience from the consulting activities and his case will be a solid prop of customers in all civil transactions. After consulting lawyers customers understand correctly the provisions of the civil law, which has decided to conduct lawful, take advantage of opportunities and avoid legal risk and protect the rights and interests its legitimacy.

Lawyer services for families include:

– Consulting drafting of documents, paperwork and applications;

– Consulting to draft documents related to civil obligations such as mortgages, mortgage, deposit, guarantee …

– Consulting and drafting of civil contracts (contract of sale, donation …)

– Consulting testamentary heirs and heirs according to law;

– Consult the legal procedures related to housing (Application for leased land, land use purpose is converted; issuing certificates of house ownership certificates and land use right …)

– Consult text editor concerning intellectual property rights and technology transfer;

– Consultation draft documents, legal assistance concerning civil procedure;

– Consulting and legal support regarding civil relations with foreign elements .;

– Consult other issues of civil law.

– Consult the general regulations of the Law on Marriage and Family;

– Advisory, Conciliation divorce;

– Consulting division of property, child while divorced;

– Consult the form of lawsuits to protect their interests;

– Advice from the relevant written application and guidance on procedures to sue;

– Appointing a lawyer representing performed complaints, protect the rights before the competent authority;

– Consulting and adoption procedures.

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